Fat Bombs On Keto: What Are They?

If you find it challenging to stick to a ketogenic diet, you haven’t tried fat bombs yet.

Fat bombs are just snack balls that consist of a mixture of healthy fats and sprinkled with toppings like coconut or cacao powder. You may have even seen these at your local grocery store or all over your Pinterest feed.

They are an excellent source for satisfying your sweet tooth while helping you stay on track on the keto diet. If you are going for weight loss, fat bombs will help you keep your hunger at bay. 

Fat bombs are delicious, and you can eat them whenever you feel hungry. You can even store them in the fridge for longer shelf life.

The idea behind “fat bombs” is to make sure that your meals contain a good amount of healthy fats instead of carbohydrates

These fats can make you feel full for a long time and curb your hunger. All it takes is mixing the fat, flavorings, and non-carb ingredients together in a bowl and then rolling them into balls. 

Think of fat bombs as a quick energy-boosting snack that tastes amazing while also super healthy for you and low-carb diet approved.

About 90% of the calories in each fat bomb will come from fat, giving you a healthy snack that will curb your hunger and keep you full until your next meal.

Dieters on keto and other carb-restricted diets should not wait until they are hungry to eat. Fat bombs can play a vital role in satisfying hunger pangs, so you can maintain a healthy weight and satisfy your cravings.

Are Fat Bombs Unhealthy?

It depends on the ingredients you use, but most fat bombs are made with a keto-friendly recipe and can be a healthy snack for those following a ketogenic lifestyle.

Fat bombs are high-fat treats that can have all different kinds of flavors to give you a snack that will satisfy your taste buds and meet all the keto guidelines. 

If you’re looking for more of a sweet treat, you can use zero-calorie sweeteners that contain monk fruit, or if you’re looking for more of a savory taste, then you’ll want to add nut butters, oils, cheese, or bacon to the fat bombs you’ll make.

As each recipe will differ, so will the nutritional value and the calorie count

The calorie count can be anywhere from 50-250 calories in a fat bomb depending on the size and what you add in there. Most of that will be calories from fat.

If you’re looking at recipes where the calories in each fat bomb exceed the top end of what was just mentioned, you should consider if it’s worth eating as it may be unhealthy for you. 

Remember, this is for a quick treat and is not meant to be a meal replacement. 

If you’re looking for a meal replacement and want to go a little crazy, make sure you stick within your daily allotted calories so that it doesn’t turn into a cheat day unnecessarily. 

You also want to make sure you’re hitting your protein numbers for the day as well, especially if you’re trying to gain muscle mass on keto or frequently do high-intensity workouts.

How Are Fat Bombs Made?

If you’re going to be making some fat bombs, you will want to start with a base that’s high in fat like a nut butter such as peanut butter or other dairy products. A few other options are butter, heavy cream, bacon, or oils like coconut.

You start with these because they’re solid at room temperature, which means they’re usually higher in saturated fat

Now, you can make these treats in a variety of ways. You can just take the ingredients and pour them into the mold of your choice, or you can get a little more creative and add things to give your fat bombs an extra kick. 

For instance, if you’re going to be using peanut butter as your base, then you could add a few pieces of dark chocolate to it or maybe even some coffee grounds.

You could also use different flavored extracts to create fun new flavors like cherry or lemon.

Other ingredients you’ll likely use will be a mixture of almond or coconut flour, cacao, cream cheese, and more. 

You can see why these fat bombs are super delicious. 

Adding protein powder to these fat bombs helps to slow down digestion, so you feel fuller longer. 

The protein will help keep your hunger at bay, making it easier for you to avoid snacking throughout the day, which is dangerous when trying to lose weight.

Fat bombs will keep for well over a week in the fridge, so you can make this snack whenever you want, and it will last a good amount of time. 

To keep them fresh, we recommend wrapping them in saran wrap. If you want to make a big batch and store them, they can be stored in the freezer for up to 6 months.

Then, just defrost them in the morning for a tasty treat you can snack on during the day.

You can use whatever sweetener you like, but I prefer to use stevia, Xylitol, and erythritol. 

Keto Peanut Butter Fat Bomb Recipe

There are plenty of recipes online that claim to be healthier than their competitors, but in reality, many of them are more or less the same. 

What if there was an easy, no-fuss keto snack that everyone could enjoy? Luckily, you’re about to find out.

This keto peanut butter bomb makes 6 servings.


  • 1/2 cup unsalted, natural peanut butter
  • 1/4 cup organic coconut oil, melted  
  • 2 tbsp raw cocoa powder or raw cacao powder (unsweetened) 
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract OR all-natural almond extract. You could also use lemon, lime, orange, etc. extract instead of the vanilla – adjust calorie intake accordingly, especially if using the orange extract
  • 1/4-1/2 tsp liquid stevia or another sugar-free sweetener (optional)
  • Pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt


Put everything in a blender or food processor except the peanut butter and sweetener and mix them together.

You’ll use the peanut butter and sweetener in the next step. Add more coconut oil until it’s at your desired consistency. It should be smooth and creamy.

Once that’s all mixed, add in the peanut butter and sweetener (if you’re using one) and blend until it’s a peanut butter-like consistency. 

Take the mixture and add it to molds or just put everything in an airtight container and let it sit in the fridge for a few hours.

Then, once you’re ready to eat, you can scoop it right out of your container into the portion sizes you want. 

We know that the recipe is for 6 servings, so weigh the container first without the mixture inside, so you know how much it weighs.

Once it’s been sitting in the fridge, weigh it again, subtract the container’s initial weight, and divide that number by six to know how much a serving size is. 

Your calories will vary depending on the brands you use, so log everything into a calorie tracking app to determine the total amount and divide by 6 

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