How Long Will It Take To Lose Weight On Keto?

Like most people curious about keto, you’ve probably seen all the amazing transformations of people who’ve lost a lot of weight following the ketogenic diet guidelines.

As with any typical weight loss regimen, there will be a timeline you can expect to start seeing results. Luckily for you, on the keto diet, the results are very quick.

You’re probably wondering how fast someone like you can lose weight on the keto diet, and is it going to be safe for your health long term? 

Read more on the results you can expect and how much weight you can expect to lose during specific timelines.

Does Keto Really Work For Weight Loss?

A big question that gets asked a lot in the weight loss communities is, “does the ketogenic diet really help with weight loss?”

Even with all the success stories out there, it’s normal to feel skeptical and wonder if it will be right for you. 

Science has proven that the keto diet is an effective tool for weight loss, and if you avoid common beginner mistakes when starting the ketogenic diet, it can work for you. (1)

Success, as with any diet, is going to vary from person to person. 

Everyone will have a different body composition when starting the diet, and where you start will impact how quickly you can shed pounds on the diet.

Until you start the diet for yourself, you will not know how it will work for you and your lifestyle. 

Since keto is a restrictive diet, some people might not have the discipline to see it through and get the weight loss results they want. 

Here are a few factors on what will determine how quickly you lose weight on the keto diet:

  • The composition of your body
  • How much body fat you have
  • Your height, weight, and age
  • Your gender
  • How fast or slow your metabolic rate is
  • How active or sedentary you are
  • Your eating habits
  • If you’re prone to cheating on your diet
  • Your energy levels

That’s just to name a few, but these factors will all come into play when it comes to weight loss.

Is There An Average Weight Loss To Expect On Keto?

Depending on how much weight you have to lose, the average weight loss will vary in the first week, month, and 90 day period.

For example, if you have only 15 pounds to lose compared to someone else has 100 pounds to lose, both of you will experience different levels of weight loss when it comes to pounds lost.

Weight Loss After 1 Week Of Keto

After 1 week of following keto, you will see your fastest weight loss throughout this process.

It’s not abnormal to see a drop in 5-10 pounds in just the first week alone due to the water weight you’ll lose initially.

Since you’re changing your fuel source and where you get your energy from, the water that was once attached to your muscles and liver starts to release into your urine and through your sweat glands.

Remember, for every one gram of glycogen, you have three grams of water. So all that water will be washed away initially, causing the dramatic weight loss you’ll see the first week.

Just know that this is all normal and healthy for the first week of the diet program. 

Weight Loss After 1 Month Of Keto

Thirty days may feel like a long time, and if you stay consistent, you’ll definitely see results. 

So, if you’re wondering how much weight you can expect to lose after one month of dieting with keto, the short answer is, “it depends.”

Now that you’re four weeks into the diet, you’ve gotten into a groove and are starting to see the effects on your body.

Your clothes are likely feeling way different on you, and it may be time to upgrade some of your clothes.

If you’re sticking to the diet religiously without going off the rails, you will be in ketosis a good portion of the day.

Your body will now be keto-adapted and burning fat stores for energy. Someone who has a moderate amount of weight to lose can expect anywhere from 5-20 pounds lost in the first month.

Yes, that’s a big range, but it’s all going to depend on where you’re starting from. 

We suggest keeping measurements and not going just by the scale alone.

If you’re working out while on the keto diet, you may likely have replaced some fat with muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat.

So if the scale isn’t budging as much as you’d hoped, your body may be going through a recomposition phase.

Are you looking different in the mirror? Take before and after pictures to know for sure as you likely won’t notice changes looking at yourself day-to-day.

Try a body fat scale or use calipers to take measurements of your body. Seeing these numbers change can be encouraging. 

Another way you can track is to take measurements of specific areas of your body.

Good ones to keep track of are, stomach (up by the belly button), arms (around bicep), legs (at the widest part of the thigh), hips and shoulders. 

Have someone take measurements for you, so they’re accurate. Make sure you’re relaxed and not flexing or tense when getting the measurements taken.

How Much Weight Can I Lose After 90 Days Of Keto?

After three months of being consistent on the ketogenic diet, you should look like a different person in the mirror. 

Weight loss can be as much as 30 pounds for someone who’s moderately overweight. 

Of course, your results will vary, but if you’ve stuck with the diet this long, you will have dropped about three pants sizes if you’ve lost 30 pounds.

Usually, you’ll go down a pant size for every 10 pounds you lose.

Now is a good point to go over the pros and cons of the ketogenic diet and see if continuing is right for you and your journey.

Your Results Will Vary

Depending on how well you stick to the food requirements of the keto diet, a healthy rule of thumb is 1-2 pounds of weight loss per week.

It’s okay if at any point you reach a plateau on the diet. Everyone hits a plateau sooner or later when they’re dieting. It’s completely normal.

When this happens, you have to adjust a few things to continue going down in weight.

Usually, this is a small reduction in daily calories by about 200-300 or adding in a few cardio sessions a week.

Keep at it even if you plateau. Sometimes nothing is wrong at all, and your body needs to reset itself slightly.

Even if you change nothing, it’s possible to start losing weight again after 2-3 weeks.

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