Press Release: Merges With As Of June 11, 2021

What was Zeroing In On Health? was a site dedicated to teaching people about the importance of a low-carb diet & lifestyle.

Vilhjalmur Stefansson and others raised the argument in the 1920s that carbohydrates were responsible for the poor health and poor teeth of Western man.

Since then, some Nobel-winning scientists have demonstrated through their research that obesity and overweight are only symptoms of the metabolic disorder which causes chronic disease.

Controlling insulin is the key to stopping the progress of premature aging and chronic disease.

What Is Keto Diet Steps? is teaching the world step-by-step how the ketogenic diet can positively effect weight loss while avoiding common keto dieting mistakes, promoting the health benefits of fasting, using ketosis for weight loss and much more.

We couldn’t be happier with the merger as both sites share the same philosophies on low-carb diets and our goal is to get this information out into the world to change lives.

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